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23 June 2007 @ 12:01 pm
Sun Gold Malibu?  
I woke up next to a beautiful girl today:) She arrived while I was still asleep after watching Little Britain till 5am last night^__^ I am really mesmerized by how pretty her blue eyes are, definitely the cutest of all my 80's Skippers! Her hair was in rather poor condition but I managed to clean and restyle it in a way I found most natural seeing how it was originally rooted:) Oh, and she's definitely never had a fringe. I think I'm in looove~~!

Body type: Twist'n Turn, no bust, bendable legs
Skin tone: tanned
Eyes: blue, forward-glancing
Lips: pale yellow, may be just discolored
Hair: light blonde, hip-long, straight without fringe
Markings: back - "Mattel, Inc., 1967", neck rim - "Mattel, Inc., 1963"

My only guess is Sun Gold Malibu Skipper from 1983. Any suggestions:)?




It is a rather gloomy day today so the photos may not reflect her true colors;) The tan is really strong, almost orange and the hair is a really sweet, very light but still warm tone of blond.

P.S. She has some slight greening on her left foot... I've never dealt with that problem before and I have no idea if it is going to spread or not. If it's not - fine, it's not even visible when she is standing. But if it may, please tell me if you know of any methods to prevent it:)
Mousiehello_mousie on June 24th, 2007 12:14 pm (UTC)
She's cute :) Definitely looks like a Sun Gold Malibu doll. Smart books say she should have "peach frosted lips" so I guess they must be discolored. Apart from the lips everything's the same.
I think the greening on her foot may be just a stain... cos you know, the "green ears" appear because of the metal reacting with vinyl and she hasn't got any metal in her feet ;) So I believe it shouldn't spread. Just check her regularly to see if anything happens. What have you tried to remove it?

I had some treatments written down a long time ago and I'll try looking for it, I remember using Oxy 10(?) and sunlight should help. From the stuff you can find in PL Cillit Lime and Rust Remover works excellent for green ears. But you'd probably have to immerse the whole doll so I suggest observing the stain. If anything happens we'll try to help her then.
Rat In The Garden: action this day!corpselights on June 24th, 2007 07:54 pm (UTC)
Thanks for your help! And yep, I know the green comes from constant contact with metals... That's why I was quite surprised to find it on the foot. I thought she might have been kept on some metal stand for a long time (even though she looks more like some kid's doll, not a collector's one... *thank goodness it was a rather merciful kid*), the possibilities are endless. Oh and one more random question - is there really no metal wire in Barbies' legs and feet? I had never cut any open to check what's inside but I'd love to know more about the mechanism that allows the legs to bend... I love the clicking sound it makes:)

Thanks for the tips, too! I should be able to find some Cillit:) So far I've tried some basic detergents (like soap and scouring powder) and acetone but the nasty thing seems to have nested too deep in the material's structure to be reached using more superficial cleaners. How I wish I knew anything about chemistry right now... ;)
Mousiehello_mousie on June 25th, 2007 10:49 pm (UTC)
I wondered about the bending mechanism in the legs too :) If I'm not mistaken I read some time ago that it is some kind of metal wire and sometimes the water gets inside through the holes in the feet and then the metal may corrode which obviously leaves some stains on doll's legs :( Let's hope that's not the case but honestly if it would be likely to happen we would hear about it and see it on dolls all the time.
Maybe it's a stain from a marker? They look really nasty after the years and can't be removed (I did it to my dolls...). The marker changes the color and spreads a little and then it stays forever... :(
Rat In The Garden: action this day!corpselights on June 26th, 2007 12:40 am (UTC)
Yeah, that may be the case, too... Luckily it's not really visible unless she lies down, barefoot:)
I'm gonna do some research on that bending mechanism in the morning... So far, this is the closest I ever got to seeing any doll's legs cut open:) I'm not really sure what kind of doll is she (the hands are a bit misleading) but I can't spot any remnants of wire. Well, maybe Fido had taken care of it before the photo was taken...